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Our Menu

  • Monday- Everyone packs a lunch.  We use Monday to prepare and order lunches for the remainder of the week.  Drinks are available for purchase. 
  • Tuesday- Two Dona Lupe soft shell tacos (rice, fruit, vegetable, and dessert). 
  • Wednesday- La Pasta bowties with choice of sauce (vegetable, fruit, bread, and dessert). 
  • Thursday- Chickfila original sandwich (vegetable, fruit, and dessert). 
  • Friday- Two slices of Il Colosseo cheese pizza (vegetable, fruit, and dessert). 

How To Order

  1. Log Into Parents Web Account.
  2. Click on Student Information on the left.
  3. Select Lunch, then Create Web Order
  4. Enter 1 for quantity of lunches to order.
  5. Select Place Order at the bottom.
  6. Your ordered items will be displayed blue.