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The Lipscomb Family

Sacred Heart Catholic School embodies “everything” to us that we would like for our girls. Foremost, we are grateful that it is a place that is preparing our girls to be responsible and thoughtful individuals. We love the variety that is offered at Sacred Heart. It is very well balanced with lessons in virtues, challenging and engaging academics, and really fun extracurriculars!  From Science Fairs to Civil Engineering challenges (K-8), raising chickens, Geography bees, Spelling bees, a multitude of athletics, music, art, virtue lessons and applications, etc., etc., the list is absolutely endless on what is offered at Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart’s leadership and teachers are extremely conscientious about cultivating the “whole child.” They understand that all children learn differently and have different interests, but they are able to merge those differences to achieve Community and respect for one another. At Sacred Heart, we know that our children matter, but more importantly, all children matter and are deserving of wonderful education.
Kathryn C. Setzer

The Donaldson Family

"Our family has been a part of the Sacred Heart School family for many years and in fact we are a second generation at the school. Most recently, we have been so impressed with the quality of teachers, curriculum, staff and parents. The students consistently have high achievement in standardized test scores as compared to peers. But as important, our children have grown and learned about the world from a perspective of discipline, self-control and reflection; and in a warm light of a Christian environment. There are several other reasons to love Sacred Heart including competitive sports, very diverse student population, an amazing, safe campus with over 100 acres of nature to explore that are far removed from the busy city environment, many clubs and groups that are too numerous to name, but include something for everyone.  Quite simply, we love and have a deep passion for the Dolphin Life!"  Mr. and Mrs. Seamus Donaldson

The Malloy Family

“When people ask us what sets Sacred Heart apart from other schools, our answer is always the same…Jesus!  Sacred Heart prepares each student academically, morally and spiritually, infusing the love of Christ into everything they do. The dedication and kindness shown by the teachers, priests, and staff at Sacred Heart School make the school feel like a second home. We have been blessed to coach and substitute in different areas.  We are always humbled by the dedication of each teacher and staff member.  They truly want to see our children succeed.  Each student is seen as an individual deeply loved by God and with their own unique talents and gifts. Sacred Heart has been impacting our lives for 17 years now. All 5 of our children began in Kindergarten at Sacred Heart. The opportunities that our children been given to play sports, participate in art and theater, and grow spiritually and academically, no doubt will impact their future.  Our kids frequently return to Sacred Heart to visit the teachers and school that educated them and helped form them into the mature, responsible, faithful young adults they are.  Sending our children to SHCS is one of the wisest investments we have ever made!”  Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Malloy

The Sifuentes Family

We chose the Sacred Heart school because more than a school it is a second family for us, it is a second home for my children. As parents we are safe and calm knowing that our children are in excellent hands, where they will train them both intellectually and spiritually. We think that if a child is formed with values, he will be a good son, a good friend, a good student, a good professional, but above all a great man in love with God and that is our task as parents, to help our children to Returning to God one day and school is a great help to complement the teaching of faith that he receives at home. Thank you to all the teachers and people who collaborate at the school to help us give our children a good foundation. God bless you! Mr. and Mrs. Sifuentes