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Seventh Grade


Our seventh graders are learning to more effectively express their ideas in the academic arena.  Completing oral presentations, projects, and analysis of texts, articles, and books are skills that are exercised to effectively build their comfort in expressing their ideas and opinions.  

Your student will continue their study in greek and latin roots to build vocabulary.  Regular journaling and the completion of a research paper begin to prepare your student for the rigor of high school.  Students participate in book clubs and engage in independent reading. 

In math, continued work toward multistep word problems using any variety of operations in conjunction with decimals, fractions, and percentages are just a few of the skills learned.  Students work on learning formulas associated with circumference and area of circles and continue to build on algebraic skills. 

Students begin their studies of world history as they take an in depth look in the first half of world history in seventh grade.  Students learn about culture and their impact on history.  In science, students study physical science as they focus on the non-living systems of the world.  

Seventh graders continue to develop their virtuous leadership skills as they hone in on social interactions with others and learn positive ways to develop relationships with the world around them.