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Eighth Grade


Our students prepare and pave the way for their future as they take classes for high school credit.  Students study literature such as The Odyssey, Shakespeare, and and Animal Farm while continue growth in vocabulary with study of greek and latin roots.  Students engage in a variety of writing such as personal narratives, research papers, and poetry.  

In Math students take Math I coursework and at the end sit for the end of grade exam.  World History is studied where students use historical thinking to analyze different societies from Absolute Monarchs in Europe through present and modern times. They come to understand the results of global interactions through analyzing the affects among nations, regions, and groups.

The earth science curriculum focuses on the function of Earth's systems. Emphasis is placed on matter, energy, plate tectonics, origin and evolution of the earth and solar system, environmental awareness, materials availability, and the cycles that circulate energy and material through the earth system. Students have the opportunity to observe the natural world by utilizing the learning garden and outdoor classroom areas. 

Our students participate in weekly Mass and many stewardship endeavors through the school year.  In addition, our 8th grade students study Confirmation preparation lessons. Your student will put together the pieces of their well rounded education and be ready to set off to high school by the end of eighth grade.