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Fifth Grade


Our fifth graders begin their middle school journey as a transitional middle school class. Students learn what it is like to have content specific teachers, but do not start off changing classes.  We realize that change takes time, so we give our fifth graders the time they need to learn the ropes to middle school.  

Students continue to study different genres in reading and build upon foundational skills. Grammar skills are reinforced and vocabulary terms are learned to expand on comprehension skills.  Students enjoy participating in novel study clubs.  

Our fifth graders focus on American history and focus on mastery of the Next Generation Science standards.  Students in fifth grade begin to embark on their Lectio Devina journey and develop abstract thinking skills as they build their math skills. 

Students will begin to learn how to plan long term and continue to develop organizational skills. Students begin to handle themselves with greater maturity as they continue to develop their virtuous life.