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Fourth Grade


Fourth grade is a grade level where students begin to learn complex material and must take on more responsibility and learn the importance of organizational skills.  Students in fourth grade participate in various projects, such as the prayer pal project and the NC book.  Through various projects and initiatives, students learn to hone in on being an accountable student.  

Students in fourth grade explore all genres of reading and think and respond critically to the various book titles.  Students are completing multistep word problems where they are forced to use multiple forms of mathematics to arrive at an answer.  Students continue their efforts to become fluent in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and arriving at equivalent fractions.  

Hands on science experiments allow students to test various hypotheses and arrive to conclusions based on scientific testing.  Additionally, students continue to develop their virtuous leadership skills as they are the leaders of the upper elementary section of the school.  

In fourth grade, students make connections from lessons in school to the world around them.  Students learn to express their opinion and support their opinion.