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Sixth Grade


Many of our sixth graders are continuing to work toward independence and self-reliance.  Sixth graders are focused on activities that they enjoy and are ready to learn how to back up their opinions by referencing information that they have read.  Students are faced with new ideas to think about and learn about more in depth.

Math skills are going beyond the basics and students must begin to use reasoning techniques while doing mathematics.  Students begin their study of Greek and Latin roots which helps with vocabulary development and reading comprehension.  

Students complete an in depth study of American History during sixth grade and also work toward mastery of grade level Next Generation standards in Science.  Students continue their studies in virtuous leadership which includes responses in the Lectio Devina that travels with them throughout Middle School.  

Sixth graders continue to develop at a rapid pace and need guidance and nourishment as they navigating making decisions.  Our small environment and various programming set up allows your child to skillfully navigate the difficulties of being a middle school student.