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Third Grade


In third grade, students shift from being concrete thinkers to looking at things through an abstract lens. Third grade is where students make a huge academic shift.  Students are shifting from learning how to read to reading to learn.  Your child will enjoy a variety of reading texts including nonfiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, and more.  

Through writing and practice, rapid growth of more complex vocabulary occurs in third grade.  Students craft thoughtful writing pieces that grow in detail and complexity. Multiplication is introduced and fact fluency is practiced.  Knowing that fact fluency builds a strong foundation, many tools are used to build this skill. 

Third graders utilize book clubs, guided reading and math, small groups, and whole group to receive instruction.  Groups are used to ensure the teacher meets the pace of the learner.  

Students learn perseverance and while they grow academically.  Collaborative groups allow students to strengthen their interpersonal skills and discover their own strengths.