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Graduation Rates

Sacred Heart Catholic School is part of a strong Catholic school system – first, the Diocese of Charlotte which has 19 schools including 3 high schools – but second, nationally.  Did you know that we are one of 6,429 Catholic Schools in our country…with the highest NATIONAL high school graduation rate at 99.3%...and 85.2% then attend a four-year college after high school?  Compare that to other private schools at 95.2% high school graduation rate and 56.2% who attend four-year college.  Compare that to public schools at 82% high school graduation rate and 44% who attend four-year college.  We continue to strive to be successful in educating the next generation.
Beginning the Fall 2017, our 8th grade students are able to take Freshman Math 1 and Freshman English 1 for High School Graduation Credit.  We have plans to add Spanish 1 and  Environmental Science for high school credit in the future.