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"No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks"
Since 1882, Sacred Heart Catholic School has been educating children - that’s 138 remarkable years of education in Rowan County. Our school continues to lead the way with high academic curriculums, impactful community service and involvement, faith formation, and character development. Sacred Heart develops our LEARNERS Today for LEADERS tomorrow. We provide a safe, secure campus and work tirelessly to keep our tuition affordable to families of all income levels.
We are very appreciative of every individual, family, and business that helped our first 1882 Fund be so successful. Simply put, if it wasn’t for our faithful supporters, we would not be able to continue to offer the best in education for our young people. Thank you to the following for donating the funds that we need to make a difference in the lives of our students.
We are excited to announce that we reached 122% of our goal with a total of $100,121 raised. This is truly incredible! Gifts of all sizes DID add up to make a HUGE difference! Thank you for investing in Sacred Heart School! We are All Heart and We are All Here!
Now, The 1882 Fund is a revolving fund to continue to support the needs of our school and our students. You may donate to this fund at any time.  We have an online link for your convenience or you can deliver a check to the school.
In addition, we will kick off our annual campaign the last week of January 2021, which then will run for 6 weeks to early March 2021.  More information to come.  
THE 1882 FUND – INAUGURAL YEAR 2019-2020!
The Donaldson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bauk
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Denhard
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Buckland
The Very Reverend John Eckert
Mr. and Mrs. John Eckert
Mr. and Mrs. Andres Fernandez (In honor of Eleanor & Rose)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Steven Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Kulp
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher McIltrot (In honor of Sloan & Miller)
The Revival Golf Course at The Crescent
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Roach
Salcoa Contracting, Inc. (In Memory of Don Julian)
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Blanton (In Memory of Thomas P Blanton)
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Brinkley
Dr. and Mrs. James Bristol
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hallett (In Memory of Alice & Francis Hallett and in Recognition of Doris & Harry Agner)
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Holland
Sacred Heart Catholic Daughters Court 1759
Mr. Michael Thompson (In Memory of John & Betty Thompson)
The Doctors Tuluri
Dr. Frederick Bachl
Desco, Inc.
First National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Franklin (In Honor of Kendyl Causey)
Mr. and Mrs. John Geraghty
Dr. and Mrs. Myron Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Lipscomb
The Medicine Shoppe (In Memory of Patricia P. Moore)
Mr. Ray Paradowski
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Reefe
Sacred Heart Catholic School Students
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Adams
Mrs. Nancy Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. David Carmichael (In Memory of Bob & Arva Thomas)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Childress
Ms. Susie Dinse
Ms. Deborah Ebright
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fiaschetti
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Glenn
Mr. Denis Hellman
Mr. & Mrs. Philipp Kehr
Mr. and Mrs. Len Kobylus (In Honor of Justin Kobylus)
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Koontz
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lacasse (In Memory of Mary Conde)
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Listerman
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Malzahn
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Michaels (In Memory of Dennis Opal)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nollenberger
Mr. and Mrs. John Patella (In Honor of Erica & Gianna Patella)
Miss Dottie Rebhan (In Memory of John & Dot Rebhan)
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Renn (In Honor of Christopher & Stephanie Renn)
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Restar (In Memory of Luz Restar)
Ms. Jenn Selby (In Honor of Faculty & Staff of SHCS)
Mr. and Mrs. James Sentilles (In Honor of Curran, James &
John Sentilles)
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Shores (In Honor of Jacob, Caleb, Madelyn, Alex & Sadie)
Ms. Catherine Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Soderlind (In Honor of Jake & Lauren Denhard)
Ms. Terilee Steelman
Ms. Kathleen Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Trainor (In Honor of Ella & Jacob Trainor)
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Washington (In Honor of Maria M. Rimer &
Katie Washington)
Mr. and Mrs. William Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. James Wilbur
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Avergon
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Banish
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Baumberger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Becker
Ms. Mary Beaver
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dishman
Dr. Richard Brain (In Honor of Olivia Brain)
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bullard
Ms. Melissa Causey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cleary
Ms. Madelin Contreras
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cornelison (In Memory of Dennis Opal)
Mr. Robert Dillon (In Memory of Regina Dillon)
Mr. Victor Disanza
Mr. John Drobinko (In Memory of Alice Drobinko &
Virgina Drobinko)
Ms. Jennifer Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Faris
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Files
Mr. and Mrs. William Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. David Harrison (In Memory of Fred Setzer)
Ms. Leslie Hudson-Tolles
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hurysz
Mr. and Mrs. Jude Joseph
Ms. Betsy Kimball
Mr. and Mrs. William Kovalsky
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Krokus
Mr. Paul Laity
Mr. and Mrs. David Lamanno
Mr. Robert Lester (In Honor of Flora & Miles Lester)
Mr. and Mrs. F. Wayne Laney
Ms. Maryanne Lenox
Mrs. Michele Leo-Simonoko
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Lingle (In Honor of Judy & Virgil Corriher)
Ms. Mary Lou Lipscomb
Mr. and Mrs. WIlliam Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Michale Miller
Ms. Marilee Reilly
Ms. Peggy Ricke
The Doctors Robinette
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Schmitt
Dr. and Mrs. Doug Shellhorn
Mrs. and Mrs. Bob St. Amand
Ms. Anh Tran
Mr. Rodolfo Trujillo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zaldivar