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Admissions Overview

Welcome to Sacred Heart School!
At Sacred Heart School, we recognize that choosing an elementary and a middle school for your child is an enormous decision and also an investment into your child’s future. We invite you to visit our school. Come for a personal tour. Come while school is in session and experience it. Be amazed at what Sacred Heart has to offer.

High Academic Foundation: Our curriculums and coursework purposely encourage high achievement in the classroom. Our teachers hold high standards for learning, accountability, and reaching full potential. Students are challenged and learn responsibility and accountability for their school work.

Faith-filled Education: Faith matters. It is the cornerstone of life. We want our children to know and understand that during good times and difficult times, we belong to our Heavenly Father. We do not want their relationship with Jesus Christ to be just a casual one. We want them to know Him. We are a Christian family.

Community Service: Together our small hands make a BIG difference. This is who we are! One of the big lessons we teach is “service above self” and to help those in need. We serve in our community in many ways. In 2018, our school was presented with the Most Outstanding Service Above Self Award for our Middle and Elementary Schools.

Athletics: Athletics and physical activity are an integral part of our student life at Sacred Heart. Through daily recess, active physical education classes, and 18 different sports teams, Sacred Heart takes developing students physically very seriously. Sacred Heart has a long tradition of competitive athletics, offering a top program full of stellar athletes and great coaches, with many of middle school athletes continuing successfully into high school and beyond.

Stability & Tradition: While we embrace some new trends in learning and technology, we still believe in many traditional and research-proven learning styles. We teach the child and not the book, and definitely not to "End of Grade" standardized testing. We have a 137 year history of graduating students who are prepared for high school and beyond.

Safety: Our teachers know our students. We know who is who and who is where. We are a family who learns, plays, and prays together. In this increasingly violence stricken society, we offer a safe, secure environment monitored by cameras with a locked entrance. We have a no tolerance policy on bullying.

Affordability: We work very hard to keep our school affordable to families. We partner with FACTS tuition assistance, the NC Opportunity Scholarship, the Parish and Diocesan financial assistance, and our SHCS Angel Fund to help families afford the great education at Sacred Heart.

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For more information, please contact Camile Denhard, our Director of Admissions, or call (704) 633-2841.