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Lunch & Cafeteria Services

Cafeteria Information

Monday - Everyone packs a lunch.  Drinks are available for purchase (milk, juice, and/or water) for 75 cents.  

Tuesday - SUBWAY (6" Turkey or Ham Sandwich with cheese, chips, carrots, fruit, cookie, and a drink)

Wednesday - COPACABANA (Bowtie pasta with meat or marinara sauce, salad, breadstick, fruit, brownie, and a drink)

Thursday - CHICK-FIL-A (Chicken sandwich, baked beans, carrots, fruit, green beans, cookie, and a drink)

Friday - PIZZA DAY (2 slices cheese pizza, baked apples, carrots, fruit, cookie, and a drink)


All meals will be $5.50, so $22.00 per week (4 meals per week). Extra drinks are 75 cents. Drinks are available for purchase (75 cents) on Mondays.  These are incredible prices, considering the popularity of these lunch choices plus the wholesome nutritional offerings that we are providing.  In addition, our cafeteria manager adds seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables to offer variety. 


Please Remember…ALL lunch orders must be placed for the week by Monday at noon. Everyone brings a packed lunch on Mondays.  Drinks are available on Mondays but must be ordered online also.


How to Order Student Lunches 

  1. Log in to your Parents Web Account
  2. Click on the Student Information (Left Side Link)
  3. Click on Lunch, then Click on Create A Web Order (this is found on the upper left corner of the screen)
  4. Look for a drop down menu that should appear on the screen.  This is where you order lunch.  Be sure to add a “1” in the quantity box for the number of meals.
  5. Click on Place Order at the bottom of the screen. Your total due will be displayed on the computer screen.  
  6. The ordered menu items will be displayed in blue on the screen.  You can print this screen for quick reference.


How To Pay for Student Lunches

  1. After your order is placed from the instructions above, Click on Family Information (Left Side Link).
  2. From the drop-down menu click on GO TOFACTS. This will take you to your FACTS tuition management account.
  3. Initially, you will need to verify your account information and use your ID and password.  Confirm that it is correct and edit as needed.
  4. Click on ADD FUNDSin the Prepay Account section.  You will need to prepay for your weekly order or you may frontload your student’s account for future meals.
  5. Follow the steps to complete the payment.