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Lower Elementary (1st - 2nd)

The time students spend in 1st and 2nd grades are enormous growth years for reading and math development. Our Sacred Heart students are really challenged to master the very basics of reading and mathematic skills. Now as they enter our 3rd grade, they have acquired the linguistic understanding required to develop into fully literate individuals and the foundation of math with mastery in addition, subtraction, and place value.
In addition to academics, our teachers focus on important lessons of leadership, virtuous character, and faith formation. Combine these core reading and math skills with character and faith lessons and add in the excitement of science exploration, STEM, and social studies themes (cultures, government, and citizenship), these young students grow into smart, thoughtful, and creative thinkers.
By the time our students finish second grade, they will have learned:
Students master concepts such as:
*Addition and subtraction up to 1,000
*Place value
*Multiplication introduction
Social Studies:  Our students cover topics such as:
*Citizenship and communities
*Geography & Travel & Our World
*Government and Law
*Supply and demand (Market Day)
*US Presidents research projects

Science: Our students cover topics such as:
*Insects (meal worms and cockroaches)
*Light and sound waves
*Weather and climate

Religion: Our students cover topics such as:
*How much God loves them
*Traditional Bible Stories
*Baptism & Holy Communion
*The Saints & All Saints Day Parade

These two years of 1st and 2nd grades fly by with eager-to-learn students, an experienced and caring teaching staff, and many hands-on, integrated lessons.  In addition, our teaching staff in JK-2nd grades spend much time collaborating and understanding their individual class needs in order to help ALL our students succeed at the next level - Upper Elementary (3rd - 5th grades)!!
Watch our PPT below to see some of our Lower Pod in ACTION this fall!