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Physical Education

In all elementary physical education classes at Sacred Heart, students are highly engaged and active. Mr. Erich Epps keeps our PE classes lively and fun!
Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade
*Students will learn how to execute basic locomotor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, galloping, marching and skipping.
*Recognize spatial awareness
*Learn beat awareness through song and dance
*Work on Manipulative skills
*Learn how to work together and stay positive
*Examples of activities- obstacle courses, freeze dance games, throwing and catching with bean bags and balls, kicking balls, jump-rope and tag games
2nd Grade:
*Builds off of K-1 skills
*Start working on game skills and rules
*Learn strategy play
*Understand fitness levels through different assessments
*Learn how to have good sportsmanship
3rd Grade:
*Learning more competitive play
*Working on sports skill and rules
*Fundamental skills and body awareness
*Recognize fitness levels through different assessments

4th & 5th Grade:
*Work on more complex movement
*Learn specific game skills and rules
*Evaluate skills in game situations
*Work on competitive play and how to focus on good sportsmanship
*Recognize fitness levels through different assessments
6th - 8th Grade (Middle School):
Sacred Heart P.E. promotes a healthy lifestyle, with a emphasis on nutrition and physical activity.  Students develop motor skills and problem solving skills through team activities, sports and games played at the developmental level.  Playing team sports like, basketball, volleyball, soccer and football, our students also develop social skills and how to communicate and work in a team atmosphere which will help students in all aspects of life.  Competitive sports are played more at this level, preparing students for sports his/her may pursue at the high school level.  Teaching the basics and fundamentals of sports is taught at this as well, teaching students the rules and understanding the "language" of his/her sport of choice.   Assessments are giving to students at the end of a lesson, gauging students fitness and skill level.