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Flex Scheduling & Clubs

SHCS Middle School
Our SHCS Middle School is alive with incredible energy, learning, and fellowship among our students and faculty. Our middle school teachers provide a rigorous curriculum that promotes full engagement in the classroom and much teamwork. Our core classes include Language Arts (reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary), Mathematics, Science, Social studies, and Religion. But there is so much more! Our middle school students have lessons in Foreign Language, Virtuous Leadership, and Physical Education. In addition, they have Flex Scheduling, Club Day, House Challenges, and WIN study hall. 
Knowing that there are many other lessons to learn, Sacred Heart School is excited to offer Flex Scheduling for students (Grades 5-8).  Our Flex program allows our MS students the ability to choose electives that interest them and push them beyond the typical classroom experience.  Then, every FOUR weeks, students can participate in a new Flex Program class. Classes are led by faculty, staff, volunteer professionals, and community leaders - all sharing their gifts and talents. Our Flex program classes meet once per week.
Sewing 101
What might Flex Program offerings include?
Sewing 101
Intro to Computer Coding and Programming
Fix it NOW! Tools 101
Fantasy Football
What’s Cooking?
Medical Exploration
Technology Take Apart
Microbes on my Mind
Master Wood Working – The Basics!
Smile for the Picture – Photography Skills
What did you say?  Hearing and Auditory Perception
Drama and Theater 101
Irish Gaelic Football
Student Government Leadership 
Let’s Get Physical – Exercise Step Fitness and many more!!
Step Fitness
To expose our students to more academic choices, and to expand their areas of interest, SHCS offers CLUB DAY to our 5th-8th grades once per week. Clubs can be a great place for students to connect with other students in other grades while working on interesting new skills. Our club offerings this year include:
Master GardeningTeam Green with Mr. McCormick - These students will be involved in maintaining our green spaces and master garden, writing grants, and applying for NC Green School status.
United Nations with Mr. Finnerty – These students  are learning about world politics and preparing for the Annual United Nations Competition at Bishop McGuinness High School this winter.
Blessing Bunch with Mrs. Sentilles – These students spread the kindness and love of Jesus in both word and action – cards, post it notes, sing Christmas carols, and visits - to our school, our faculty, and our community.
Dolphin News & Broadcast – These students are diving into journalism, news, and broadcasting with several different mediums: published news articles, digital broadcasts, etc.
Math Olympiad and Board Games with Mr. Anderson – These students are using critical thinking  to prepare for the Annual Math Olympiad and Math Quiz Bowl while also masterminding many board games like Chess, Pente, Backgammon, and Yahtzee.
Board Games