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Sacred Heart uses technology in their classrooms.  It is an effective way to connect with students of all learning styles and if used correctly, will help prepare them for their future whether it is high school, college or the work place.  Technology in the classroom also helps keep students engaged and enhances interaction with their classmates and instructors by encouraging collaboration.



All our classrooms from Kindergarten to middle school are equipped with interactive projectors, SMART boards and computers with access to the internet and a secure Office 365 cloud. Lower elementary students have computer centers in their classrooms that are used primarily for center learning. They also have access to iPads when their curriculums support online learning. Our upper elementary and middle school classrooms each have their own iPad cart. We are extremely excited to announce the 2017 purchase of our new MacBook cart for our middle school students. All our students use Ozobots to help facilitate learning in computer programming.  Our teachers integrate technology into their everyday lessons across many subjects and our Dolphin TV, where students direct their own video presentations, has been a great success.


Our Technology Learning Goals: 

Kindergarten - 2nd grades:
By the end of second grade, students
Have an understanding of basic operations of computers and iPads,
Are becoming familiar with the keyboard,
Are using different software such as Poplet for graphic organizing, and
Are beginning to conduct basic research online.

3rd - 5th grades:
By the end of fifth grade, students
Are using multimedia presentation tools and working collaboratively,
Are becoming adept at word processing by practicing keyboarding skills,
Are beginning to understand the need to evaluate online sources, and
Have a basic understanding of spreadsheets and computer-generated graphs.

6th - 8th grades
By the end of eighth grade, students
Are introduced to data analysis,
Are independently selecting software tools to complete assigned work,
Are conducting online research while evaluating sources, and 
Have an understanding of digital citizenship and the ethical use of technology.