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Contact Us

We are so delighted that you want to know more!  
Our school office phone is 704-633-2841.  There is a listing of extensions that you may choose.
Our Principal Tyler Kulp may be reached at tkulp@salisburycatholicschool.org.
Our Admissions Director is Camile Denhard, she may be reached at cdenhard@salisburycatholicschool.org
Our Athletic Director is Robin Fisher, she may be reached at shcsnews@gmail.com
Our Dean of Students is Erin Brinkley, she may be reached at ebrinkley@salisburycatholicschool.org
For general information, please call the school office number listed at the top.
If you would like to email a specific teacher, please use their first initial, followed by their last name @salisburycatholicschool.org