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Principal's Message



Thank you for your interest in and support of Sacred Heart Catholic School. Catholic schools prepare every student to meet the challenges of the future by developing mind, body, soul, and spirit. We are a very unique school - we still believe in the strong traditional education of Catholic schools and we also embrace some of the newer methods of learning. Since 1882, Sacred Heart Catholic School has been educating children in Rowan County and many surrounding counties. Our tradition is rich and our fundamentals are solid. We offer every child the education needed for success in life. Besides our core classes in language arts, math, social studies, science, and religion, we also offer Spanish, art, and music appreciation. In addition, our students can participate in many clubs, activities and athletics. 


In 2009, we moved to our new campus and into our new 21st Century classrooms, which allows us to offer our students the latest in education, technology and security. Eight years later, this continues to be a high priority. Every classroom from kindergarten to middle school is equipped with interactive projectors, SMART boards and computers with access to the internet and a secure Office 365 cloud. Lower elementary students have computer centers in their classrooms that are used primarily for center learning. Our lower elementary students have access to iPads when their curriculums support online learning. Our upper elementary and middle school classrooms each have their own iPad cart. We are extremely excited to announce the 2017 purchase of our new MacBook cart for our middle school students. Our teachers integrate technology into their everyday lessons across many subjects and our Dolphin TV, where students direct their own video presentations, has been a great success.



Academics and classroom instruction, along with spiritual and moral growth, are most important at SHCS. We constantly strive to create the optimal learning environment for our students. We accomplish this by hiring state-certified and very experienced staff. Our teacher to student ratios remain low. We even have two teachers in our Kindergarten classroom. We have “breakout” classrooms as needed in 1st – 4th grades for small group learning. We have over 10 teachers who work with our middle school on a daily basis. Every October, our students take the Pearson SAT Standardized Test. In 2016, our elementary students scored average 1.1 grade levels ABOVE their grade level and our middle school students scored 2 grade levels ABOVE their grade level in their complete testing battery. In 2017, we have more reasons to celebrate!  Here are a few highlights.


  • 3rd grade – 78% above grade level in Spelling
  • 4th grade - 92% above grade level in Reading Comprehension
  • 5th grade - 96% above grade level in Science
  • 6th grade - 92% above grade level in thinking skills
  • 7th grade - 92% above grade level in Science
  • 8th grade - 100% above grade level in math problem solving



At Sacred Heart, we follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study but have added additional advanced curriculum to ensure that our students are challenged daily. Our teachers meet in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to set trimester goals for their students to ensure that each student is meeting their potential. Our PLCs are also used to improve teaching methods and student comprehension by regular interaction and integration between our teachers. No student is left behind at SHCS.


In addition, we are part of a strong Catholic school system – first, the Diocese of Charlotte which has 19 schools including 3 high schools – but second, nationally.  Did you know that we are one of 6,429 Catholic Schools in our country…with the highest high school graduation rate at 99.3%...and 85.2% then attend a four-year college after high school?  Compare that to other private schools at 95.2% high school graduation rate and 56.2% who attend four-year college.  Compare that to public schools at 82% high school graduation rate and 44% who attend four-year college.  We continue to strive to be successful in educating the next generation.


At Sacred Heart Catholic School, our students have always been and will continue to be the primary focus of our mission. We are committed to the individual success and ongoing growth of each of our students. Again, we thank you for your interest. Please call our school office (704-633-2841) or email our Admissions Director, Camile Denhard, at cdenhard@salisburycatholic.org.


Mr. Tyler Kulp, Principal