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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic School! We are so glad you have joined our school family. Our school administrative staff and teachers work very hard to tell you everything you need to know before school begins. Sometimes, there is information “between the lines” that gets missed. Here is a hard copy of questions and answers for your records, in case you forget. You may also refer to our school handbook, which should come home during the first few days of school. If you still have questions, please feel free to call our administrative staff at school (704-633-2841) or email Robin Fisher at shcsnews@gmail.com.

School Email: shcsnews@gmail.com
School Employees: first initial, last name @salisburycatholicschool.org

School Website: www.salisburycatholicschool.org
School Facebook: www.facebook.com/SacredHeartDolphins/

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1. Q: What is Brincefield Hall?   A: It is our cafeteria and meeting space.

2. Q: What is ASC? A: After School Care is offered most school days from 3pm until 6pm and stays onsite at SHCS. There is a charge for ASC. Rates per day are as follows:$5 per 1 1⁄2 hours per child in family (3:00-4:30) $10 per child in family (3:00-6:00). Camile Denhard (SHCS Director of Operations) is in charge of all ASC billing.

3. Q: What is the drop-off and pick-up procedure? A: All morning drop-offs will be in the right lane as you come up to the school and all children will exit their vehicle from the right curbside lane ONLY. If you need to park, please use the parking lots. Pick up will be similar. Teachers will bring their classes (K-5th) outside the front of the school and stay with their students until their parents pick them up. Middle school students will be dismissed from their classrooms and the middle school coordinator will supervise them. The right-hand lane is for pick up and all children must enter their vehicle from the right curbside lane only. 


4. Q: When does school start? A: School starts at 8:00am with Morning Assembly. We recommend that students arrive at 7:55am so that they will not miss the beginning of Morning Assembly. Students are tardy if they arrive after morning assembly.


5. Q: What must students do if they are tardy? A: They must check in at the school office to enter their classroom after morning assembly.


6. Q: What is morning assembly? A: All our students gather in the morning for assembly. They line up with their classes. This is time reserved for The Pledge of Allegiance, morning scriptures, morning prayers, special announcements and/or special events (such as our announcement of our monthly Distinguished Disciples). Our students take turns in leading morning assembly. Morning assembly takes place outside weather permitting. If it is raining or too cold, the children will meet in the gym.

7. Q: What do I do if it is snowing or the roads are questionable for travel? A: In case of inclement weather, SHCS will NOT automatically be following the public schools. Please watch for our email, home telephone and cell phone blasts/texts coming from the school office.


8. Q: How do I get my child out of class for an appointment? A: Please send a written note with your child the morning of their appointment to their homeroom teacher. When you arrive to pick up your child for their appointment, you will come to the office and sign your student out. Our office administrative assistant will retrieve your student from the classroom.


9. Q: How do I get my child out of class for a sports event? A: We do not have a bus at SHCS (NOT YET), so we depend on parents to take us to games, matches, and meets. At the beginning of each sports season (fall, winter and spring), all parents who plan to help us with transportation must have several forms on file in the school office. Our Athletic Director will assign drivers. If early dismissal from class is necessary, students are dismissed from class and report to the gym to sign out, change clothes and organize drivers. Please note, the following forms: "Volunteer Profile", "Driver Form" and "Background Release and Authorization" are required at registration if you are going to volunteer and drive during the school year. 


10. Q: What is “Protecting God’s Children”? A: All teachers, parents, and volunteers who work with the children (even drive on a field trip) are required to attend a “Protecting God’s Children” workshop. Notices will be sent home when these workshops are offered at our parish. This is a diocesan policy. You are not allowed to volunteer with the students until you have attended this workshop and completed the additional safe environment requirements.


11. Q: What is the uniform policy? A: The uniform policies are available on our website, under Parents. www.salisburycatholicschool.org You may also visit Lands End online, log in our school preferred number and be guided through our uniform pieces. Our preferred school number is 900093857 and the link is on our website.


12. Q: What happens if your child does not follow school uniform policy?  A: Teachers will send students not following uniform policy to the school office to call their parents for a change of clothes. Teachers will follow their classroom discipline policies.


13. Q: Are used uniforms available for purchase? A: Used uniform sales are handled by the PTO and are sold at the school twice per school year – during orientation and towards the end of the school year.


14. Q: Can students wear shorts year around? A: Yes, however, shorts are not allowed on Mass days. Mass days are normally on Thursdays.


15. Q: What about shoes? A: Conservative tennis shoes with rubber soles. Children have physical education daily and need good athletic shoes. 


16. Q: How often do the students have physical education? A: Elementary students have physical education daily. Middle school students have physical education 3 times per week. 


17. Q: Is there a required PE uniform? A: Elementary students wear their normal school uniform for physical education. Middle school students are required to change into their school approved PE uniforms. They use the locker rooms located in the gym to change clothes. PE uniforms may be purchased through Lands End Online or The Thread Shed. They consist of a yellow or navy t-shirt with our school logo, navy shorts and navy sweatpants (the sweatpants are optional).

18. Q: What are non-uniform days? A: These are called “dress down days”. Every month SHCS sponsors at least one dress down day (now on Fridays). Students can pay $2 to “dress down” which means they can wear jeans/cargo pants or knee length casual shorts and an appropriate shirt. Appropriate shirts include short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts with appropriate language. All monies raised go to a charity. Our weekly email will also remind you.


19. Q: Are parents allowed at the student Mass? A: All parents (Catholic and non-Catholic) are always welcome and encouraged to attend the student Mass which is now normally Thursdays at 8:30am. Parents should sit at the back of the church behind the students. Kindergarten students “ease” into our Mass, fully participating when their teachers feel they are ready.


20. Q: What if my child is not Catholic? A: About 40% of our students are non-Catholic, although it can vary some each year. All students are taught religion and take part in the religious activities planned throughout the school year. All students attend Mass. Upon reaching 3rd grade, all students regularly help to lead the actual worship service on Thursday mornings. Great lessons in public speaking!!


21. Q: What are spirit days?  A: Tuesday is now our Dolphin Spirit Day. On Tuesdays, students are encouraged to wear their SHCS spirit shirt and/or hoodie sold by the Booster Club (instead of their usual uniform shirt). These shirts may be purchased through the Booster Club and are available in the school office. 

Spirit shirts – Short sleeved $15 and Long sleeved $20.00 Spirit hoodies - $25 each

We carry a large range of sizes, youth through adult. We love to see our parents wearing their “SPIRIT” too.


22. Q: How can I get a SHCS decal for my car? A: All new families are given one new SHCS decal FREE for their car. Additional decals can be bought in the school office for a $5 donation. The SHCS Booster Club has FREE Dolphin car magnets and they are available in school office as well.


23. Q: What is the lunch schedule? A: The lunch schedule is Grades 3-5 eat 11:30am-12noon. Middle school students eat 12:10-12:40pm. Grades K-2 eat 12:40- 1:10pm. Kindergarten – 2nd grade students bring their own healthy nut-free morning snack. Our cafeteria lunch payments system is all online through Parents Web linked to FACTS management. Lunch price this year is $5.00. Please contact the school office for more information. Sandra Nollenberger (our cafeteria manager) will be happy to answer any questions.


24. Q: Are there any special menus for religious holidays? A: The cafeteria does not serve animal meat on Fridays. We serve cheese pizza. On Ash Wednesday, the cafeteria will serve a meatless meal (pasta with a tomato sauce).


25. Q: How often do I have to serve lunch? A: Students love when their loved ones have cafeteria duty. Mrs. Sandra Nollenberger is our cafeteria manager. Each family is asked to have a family member (mom, dad, grandparent, etc.) help prepare and serve lunch approximately 4-5 times per year.


26. Q: What are the weekly white envelopes? A: These white envelopes USUALLY come home on Thursdays. They contain information from the school office, PTO, teachers and sometimes community events. They also may contain graded papers for parents to review. All envelopes are to be signed by parents and returned on Friday mornings in homeroom. If we are out of school on Friday, then white envelopes will come home Wednesday to be returned on Thursday.


27. Q: What is a gradeparent? A: Each class has at least two gradeparents. Gradeparents are the communication link between the teachers and PTO to all parents. They help organize class parties, schedule classroom volunteers when needed, and organize their class’s Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. In addition, they help the PTO with the Sacred Heart Annual Benefit Auction Fundraiser. They are helpful to teachers during open houses. Middle school Gradeparents help organize and host middle school dances and the graduation reception. Gradeparents are essential!! This year, our head Gradeparents are Shannon Patella and Tanya Restar.


28. Q: What is the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon? A: Throughout the school year, the PTO sponsors a luncheon for all the staff, including the church staff. Two classes are assigned one month for which they are in charge. Gradeparents are responsible for organizing the parents in their class.

Thursday, August 16 – Faculty Welcome Back Brunch sponsored by PTO

Wednesday, October 10 – Faculty Appreciation Luncheon – 7th and 8th grades

Wednesday, December 12 – Faculty Appreciation Luncheon – 5th and 6th grades

Thursday, January 31 – Faculty Appreciation Luncheon – 3rd and 4th grades

Wednesday, March 13 – Faculty Appreciation Luncheon – 1st and 2nd grades

Tuesday, May 7– Teacher Appreciation Day and Luncheon – Kindergarten and PTO

These luncheons vary from very elaborate hot entrees to simple salad and sandwich trays. Each class is allowed to “do it their way”. All set up, paper products and clean up is the responsibility of the hosting class.


29. Q: What are middle school dances? A: Three times during the school year, the middle school hosts a dance with a DJ paid for by the PTO. Middle school students ONLY attend these dances. The hosting grade is in charge of publicizing and collecting dance admission ($5 per student), decorating, organizing chaperones (parents and teachers), and providing food.

Friday, Oct 5– Fall themed, hosted by 8th grade – from 7-9pm
Friday, Jan 25 – Winter themed, hosted by 6
th grade – from 7-9pm

Friday, May 31 – Graduation themed, hosted by 7th grade – from 7-10pm

Friday, Jan 18 – “Let It Snow” social for 3rd-5th grade sponsored by PTO – from 7-9pm


30. Q: When do the students have class parties? A: Class parties are held at the end of the day for Fall, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and End of School Year. They are organized for each class by the Gradeparents with all parents helping. It is our school policy that there be no treat bags as these can get quite costly to provide. Care must be taken to serve only peanut and nut free products. There are no Easter parties as this would be during the observance of Lent.Class Parties this year:

Oct 31 at  2:30pm

Dec 21 at 11:30am

Feb 14 at 2:30pm

June 6 at 2:30pm


31. Q: How do we celebrate student birthday partiesA: While teachers DO recognize student birthdays in class and our PTO recognizes staff birthdays, we ask that parents do not automatically send cupcakes, cakes, treat bags, flowers, etc. to school with their student to celebrate their birthdays. Please understand that not all parents can afford or have the time (work) to celebrate in this way. Some children inevitably feel left out and it is distracting to instructional class time. As always, please just check with your child’s homeroom teacher. They do allow special snacks and some birthday fun, esp in our lower grades.


32. Q: Is our school peanut free? A: It is an administrative policy that our school be completely peanut and nut free. We have several students with severe nut allergies. All snacks and lunches provided from home must be peanut and nut free which means no peanut butter sandwiches, no peanut butter crackers, and no snack bars with nuts. Please be aware of products that MIGHT have been packaged in a factory that could have other nut products. Yes, you must read labels. While this may be an inconvenience for you, it is a life and death situation for some of our parents and students.


33. Q: How can I get involved and help out at school?

A: The best way to start is to get involved in the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). This year we are having our PTO meetings on the first Tuesday of the month from 1:30-3pm. You will hear about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. 

Current PTO Board 2018-2019

Chair of the Board: Tara Melton

President: Wendy Malloy
Vice President: Patti Buckland

Secretary: Kelly Austin

Treasurer: Lizzie Coello

Head Gradeparents: Shannon Patella and Tanya Restar

Marketing & Communication: Robin Fisher

Classroom Gradeparents:
Kindergarten: Melissa McIltrot, Michele Bryant

First: Patti Buckland
Second: Colleen Smiley, Allison Lineberry
Third: Nalina Joseph, Victoria Lopez
Fourth: Tara Melton, Kelly Hamill
Fifth: Julianne Goodman, Erin Brinkley
Sixth: Michele Bryant, Erin Brown, Brynne Beal
Seventh: Chrissy Tadiello, Tricia Dulkoski
Eighth: Brandi Fleeman, Ellen Whittington, Mimi Medrano


34. Q: What fundraisers will parents be involved with during 2018-2019 year? A: There are three major PTO sponsored fundraisers planned this year:

Fall Cherrydale & Yankee Candle Sale – 8/30 – 9/21
th Annual SHCS Golf Tournament on Friday, Oct 12th, Shotgun start at 1:30pm 
th Annual SHCS Benefit Auction Fundraiser Saturday, March 2nd

Our SHCS SGA (Student Government Association) and SHCS Beta Club have “giving events” during the school year as well, usually benefitting charities such as Rowan Helping Ministries (canned food drive) and Faithful Friends (pet supplies). All our Dress Down Days collections are for charities or charitable giving.


35. Q: What is SHCS Boosters Club?

A: SHCS Boosters Club supports the athletic programs at SHCS and is led by our Athletic Director and Administrative Team. All parents of SHCS athletes are a part of the SHCS Booster Club. There is no fee to join. The SHCS Booster Club’s income comes mainly from athletic fees and concessions. The Booster Club pays annually for all athletic uniforms, referee fees, maintenance of our soccer fields and gymnasium, sports banquet awards and medals, etc. SHCS Booster Club meets as needed, usually before each sports season.